Pas Normal Studios x Cycle Store Zurich

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Pas Normal Studios

A crit-style cycling event hosted in collaboration between Pas Normal Studios and Cycle Store Zurich.

The year's final instalment of the Copenhagen-based cycling brand's series of crit-style cycling races, the PNS Zurich Plus One event was held with support of local bike shop Cycle Store Zurich. After a brief get-together at the shop, our group of racers and spectators headed to the local track - a series of tight, off-camber bends and long straights set in the forest. Held over one hour plus one lap, the race was a unique format that caught out some riders, who peaked too early and were dropped by the pack. In the end, a trio of local racers from Bern and Zurich took the podium. I was commissioned by Pas Normal Studios to photograph the event and race for social media and general online marketing purposes.

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